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 RNAS Saber from WWI

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PostSubject: RNAS Saber from WWI   RNAS Saber from WWI EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 6:30 pm

RNAS Saber from WWI RNASfull001
RNAS Saber from WWI RNASfull002

This is what Warlord Arms is all about. This sabre was from World War I. It was issued to the RNAS (Royal Naval Air Serivce, 1912 - 1918) servicemen and this particular piece was brought to me by the grandson of one of those servicemen. Alot of damage was done to the sword by rust and neglect. I removed much of the rust, but many scars remain. To remove them all would greatly de-value the sword by making the blade waver thin. The history of this piece meant everything to him. By preserving it, the stories of the man that wielded it could live on with a physical piece to show for it.

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RNAS Saber from WWI
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